Thing 22 – Social Networking

For some reason this is all starting to really make me feel old.  Even though I feel like I can pick up on things related to technology quickly, I am beginning to feel like a cassette tape player in this 21st century. 🙂  There’s nothing “wrong” with a cassette player but there are more effective tools.

One of the bloggers for Twitter-What is it and why would I use it? said she spends an hour every day just checking out links people post. I find that very interesting…I know there are many useful resources and posts available…I’m not sure where I would find that hour…and if I could find it, I might choose to pursue an extra hour of sleep.  🙂

Classroom 2.0 looks like it can be a great resource on my Web 2.0 journey…there are even free workshops, which focus on helping members learn what Web 2.0 is and how it can be used in education.

In Ning I found that NCTM Online is a Ning network and there is a network for math teachers in remote areas. I can see how joining a social network could help diminish the feelings of isolation that many teachers experience.

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