Thing 19 – “Tubing”

In Teacher Tube, I found an “Inverse Functions” video which could serve as a quick review and reinforcement for the concept.  I also found Standard Normal Distribution posted as a review by a teacher for his students. This seems like a good use for Teacher Tube.  I spent way too much time trying to find quality posts about specific concepts.  When I am looking to review (or learn) math content I typically go to the Annenberg Media website.  The quality of the content videos I have viewed has been consistent and very helpful.

In YouTube I found a video that may be of interest to cat lovers.  An Engineer’s Guide to Cats is entertaining and very funny for anyone who is familiar with the quirkiness of engineers…er, I mean cats. 🙂  Of personal interest I found a great Do-It-Yourself video on tiling a backsplash…I think I’ll look to hire someone for the job.

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