Thing 4 Blogging and Reading

I think I could easily spend all day reading blogs…and I become very ADHD in jumping from one post or blog to another…most are easy to read, almost as a stream of thoughts from the poster.  Some were thought-provoking (Dan Meyer: and CoolCatTeacher: and some I found entertaining (Lost Duck:  They motivate me to want to blog…

Some could be viewed as monologues that were born from a controversial/thought-provoking topic or another’s post or comments.  I see blogs to be informal…which is consistent with my perception that there has been a growing trend toward more informal writing with the increase in technological communication, not limited to blogs.

Similarities to any written word are that it is still a “flatter” dimension than face-to-face, there’s a delay in response, and it can be read over and over…

One difference I noted is that blogs have the capacity to elicit response/feedback…which has the potential to enhance content.  When reading I often ask questions to the author in my head or “wonder” or think of other related information…now with blogs there is the capability to post my questions, musings or resources.  I’m not thinking of responding to a blog online as much as I am thinking of encouraging response from others.

I can imagine how having a blog could enhance the learning in a classroom/course…it might encourage additional thinking and input that a student might not be ready to articulate or otherwise be too intimidated to provide in class.  I would think that there would have to be some sort of delay in posting due to “approval” process by the teacher.

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